DNA research benefits from long-standing Cambridgeshire partnershipThe successful production of some of the vital components used for mapping the human genome is a result of a long-standing relationship with two Cambridgeshire-based companies. Shearline, a total manufacturing solutions provider located in Ely, Cambridgeshire, has been manufacturing vital components for Cambridge Science Park-based Biochrom’s spectrophotometry instruments.

Over 1200 sets of spectrophotometry instrument parts, a powerful tool used for monitoring bacterial growth, determining RNA, DNA and oligonucleotide sample purity and concentration, are produced by Shearline each year and exported worldwide by Bichrom. Unlike many of its competitors, Shearline is able to offer its clients a seamless manufacturing solution from design to prototype to delivery. Each stage of production, including finishing, assembly and shipment is completed in-house. Having worked hand in hand for more than 25 years and by using state-of-the-art equipment and management processes, the majority of the components produced by Shearline now benefit from a zero inspection by Biochrom.

David Lonsdale, Sales Manager at Shearline, comments, “Our successful relationship with Biochrom stems from a sound understanding of its manufacturing requirements. Teams from each company have been sent to each other’s premises to improve understanding of their respective roles and this has proved to be incredibly beneficial as it allows our engineers to get on with what they do best – turning client’s ideas into reality.” Andy Webb, Biochrom’s Manufacturing Director, who has championed the partnership commented, “Partnerships such as this, based upon a long business association, are no easy things. As many hours are put into communication and discussion as would be put into any competitive tendering process. However, the rewards of working so closely far outweigh any problems.”Biochrom’s products are benefiting from production in Shearline’s showcase factory, which features the latest milling and turning and sheet metal cutting equipment.

A new high speed pallet loading LVD laser cutting machine, together with a collection of multi axis press brakes, enables Shearline to produce the ever increasing complexity of design that Biochrom demand.Shearline currently employs more than 120 skilled staff and offers a seamless manufacturing solution from design and prototype through to delivery to world-class clients in markets as diverse as scientific and medical instrumentation, information and communications technology, security, automotive and inkjet printing.