Minimised Environmental Impact

Shearline has reduced its environmental impact of its activities, thanks to a number of projects and schemes.

150kW Photovoltaic arrays

3 rooftop solar arrays have been installed to generate electricity from solar energy. This has enabled us to reduce electricity demand from the grid by over 132000 kWh per year, a saving of around £14000 per year.

LED Lighting

LED Technology has improved to the point of it now offering substantial economies in terms of reduced power consumption and longevity for maintenance over existing fluorescent lighting within the factory and office areas. This together with intelligent automatic lighting controls has enabled Shearline to reduce electricity consumption and improve lighting quality which has led to an improved workplace ambience. So far the main workshop, assembly area and several offices have been converted and we have set ourselves a target to have replaced florescent lighting within all main production areas by the end of 2019.

Coolant system

A water based coolant is the common choice for all machine shops to use within CNC machining centres to cool and lubricate the cutters, wash swarf away and prevent corrosion within the machine. Under normal circumstances this has a limited life (around 6 months) before it contains unacceptable levels of bacteria posing a health risk or its cutting properties are below acceptable levels, either way the result is that the machine has to be cleaned out and the coolant disposed of via a hazardous waste route.

Shearline has minimized then need to create coolant waste on such a regular basis by two methods :

  1. A considered decision to the coolant choice which provides us with a good all round coolant performance but with improved sump life.
  2. Installation of a centralised coolant system. This consists of a filtration device which removes floating oils, fines and swarf, and returns clean coolant to the machine, dirty coolant being sucked back to the filtration device on a constant basis.

Both measures have led to a sump life of around 5 years, which reduces coolant waste 10 fold, reduces labour to clean machines as they are kept clean automatically, makes sampling of coolant for H&S and performance purposes easier, enables the coolant concentration to be monitored and controlled from a central point.

In the 16 years of operation it is estimated we have saved over 384000 L of coolant from being disposed.


Machining materials leads to the generation of the removed waste materials i.e swarf. This bulks up and occupies a much larger volume and is covered in coolant. This makes disposal tricky as it occupies large skips in the year area which are susceptible to theft, creates a disposal issue for the coolant.

We installed a briquetting machine which crushes the swarf into Weetabix sized bricks, this reduces scrap volume which reduces transport frequency, coolant is recovered for reuse and the scrap metal value is increased due to is being in a denser format.

Rainwater recovery

Rain falling on the roof areas of the factory is diverted into an 55000 Litre underground water tank for use within the factory for washing, rinsing and finally in the cooling tower air conditioning system. Shearline developed its own design of prefilter which is self-cleaning which prevents detritus from the roof such as leaves, grains etc from entering the water tank.

The system produces around   660000 Litres of grey water per year with a saving of around  £1100 per year.

Paper, Cardboard and Plastics waste

Packaging material use and waste is minimised via the use of a range of returnable and reusable packaging which is offered to our customers. This reduces costs over the lifetime of a certain product or component and generally is far more durable offering superior levels of protection to ensure transit damage is eliminated.

When materials have reached the end of their life, we recycle. We have a half size mill baler which produces bales of cardboard or plastic. These bales are then sold to various reprocesses where they go on to be recycled.

If you would like a tour of the factory or require any further information then please contact us on 01353 668668 or sales@shearline.co.uk