Supply Chain Management

It is not unusual for a complex supply chain to build-up over the years with different suppliers making components and others providing sub-assembly.

This was the experience for several of Shearline’s customers. They had many different partners providing elements of sub-assembly with parts being packaged and transported several times with little value being added at each stage.

Shearline’s response to one project was to re-engineer the product to make some of the parts easier to manufacture, which rationalised the production process. This involved a wide range of skills including lasered ceramics, metal components and glass seal development, and reduced the cost per kit by £47, a significant percentage reduction.

As well as sourcing materials, subcontract processes, selecting and managing suppliers and managing the production process, Shearline can also take responsibility for the delivery of the completed products.

This means that the client can achieve the most cost-effective combination of services without compromising on quality.

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