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Vac brazing

Endless braze repeatability from our dedicated assembly area

Quality metal brazing you can trust

Offering an exceptional joining process, our experienced braze technicians achieve the ultimate joint strength via our modern vac brazing process. Clean, aesthetic finish guaranteed.

Vac Brazing 3

Size capabilities:

Maximum component size: 200mm x 300mm

Materials: stainless steel and copper

Applications / Industries

Our proven brazing method is relied on for its quality and performance across many sectors, including:

  • Aerospace
  • Defence
  • Medical
  • Motorsport, including F1
  • Power generation
  • Scientific

Vac Brazing 2

Flame Brazing

Also known as torch brazing, we offer this alternative joining method from our dedicated assembly area. The use of a non-oxidising flame wraps around the entire joint which evenly heats the base metal, which then melts the brazing filler metal.

Vac Brazing
Cable Assembly

Did you know we offer a comprehensive cable assembly service?

From wire cutting, crimping, stripping, shielding to bunching, our experienced cable technicians build to your exact specification.