Powder Coating

Powder Coating

In house automated powder paint facility

Cost effective powder coating solution

Powder coating is the application of paint in a powder form to a minimum thickness using electrostatic application and then cured using heat.

Our powder painting facility forms part of our complete manufacturing solution ethos: by keeping the process all in house, we have complete control and therefore our lead times are kept to a minimum.

A wide range of finishes …

Matt, eggshell, gloss – you name it, we paint it!

We’re proud of the intricate level of finish that we can achieve. We’ve even had customers change their drawing specifications from wet paint to a powder coat finish based on the results that we’ve attained in house.

Working with our trusted suppliers, we use both off the shelf and custom-made paint, guaranteeing the colour is exact to your specification.

Powder Coating 3
Powder Coating 2

Size capabilities:

Max. width: 600mm
Max. length: 1200mm

The dimensions above are an approximate guide. If you’ve got a project that falls outside of these sizes, please speak to us.


Typically, we paint Stainless Steel, Aluminium and Mild Steel. We have decades of experience painting Aluminium components that have been chemically treated – meaning that any areas masked from paint are already protected by the surface treatment.

Powder Coating


Our experienced team apply a variety of masking techniques to parts which don’t require painting on every single surface. Custom jigging ensures an even coverage.

Locally renowned for our reputable powder paint finish, we understand the importance of intricate masking to prevent paint on threaded holes, edges, or other specified areas.

We work with you to ensure your required finish is met every single time.

Metal Finishing CTA

Did you know we offer a wide range of other metal finishes?

From anodising to bead blasting, we deliver a comprehensive range of metal finishing services.