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Sliding Head Machining

Extreme accuracy and versatility via our CNC sliding head lathes

Cutting edge Swiss lathe technology

Running batches of tens of thousands is standard practice for our state-of-the-art sliding head lathes. The highest level of accuracy is guaranteed.

Sliding Head

Size capabilities:

Min diameter: 3mm
Max diameter: 32mm
Max bar feed: 3000mm

Benefits of CNC Sliding Head Lathe Machining

  • Non-stop production – once the tools and CAD program are set, the machine runs with minimal operator input. This helps keep price per piece very competitive. 
  • Accuracy – thousands of components can be machined to very tight tolerances 
  • Range of applications – due to the versatility of sliding head manufacturing, it can be used to support a range of industries including: medical, aerospace, nuclear, oil and gas, aerospace, defence and scientific

Did you know we also offer a part marking service?

Hybrid Laser Tech, part of The Shearline Group, are specialists in part marking with the technology to engrave/mark virtually any material to your exact specification.

Sliding Head Part