We pride ourselves on our premier UK sub-contract facility status, whilst maintaining a true focus on environmental responsibility

ISO 14001 Manufacturing Facility

Our commitment to protecting the environment is demonstrated by our ISO 14001 certification which we’ve proudly held since 2004.

Coolant recovery system

Our bespoke coolant recovery system reduces waste fluids up to 90% and eliminates concerns about wastewater hazardous waste collections.

Environmental Coolant Recovery System

LED lighting

Across the Shearline Group, LED lighting has been rolled out. This combined with our intelligent automatic lighting has significantly reduced our electricity consumption and improved the working conditions for all employees.


Swarf management

We produce tonnes of swarf a year of which the Aluminium is compacted into Weetabix sized briquettes which are then sold for scrap. By pressing the swarf, it reduces the volume as much as 20:1 – meaning fewer collections are required, helping to reduce our carbon footprint.

An added advantage to this process is the coolant (which is recovered from the swarf) is re-used in the CNC machines

Environmental Swarf Management
History - 2004

Solar panels

East Anglia’s average annual sunshine hours exceed 1600 so we’re well situated for solar panels – situated on the factory roof, they are reducing demand from the grid by over 132,000kWh/year.