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Customer Success Story: Enhancing Domino’s Printing Performance

The relationship between Domino Printing Science and Shearline is a testament to the power of effective partnership. By prioritising communication, problem-solving, and mutual success, Domino have not only overcome challenges but also thrived in delivering quality products and services to customers.


Domino boasts nearly half a century of global leadership in their industry. They have continually set the standard for excellence in their field, making them a trusted name worldwide.

Maintaining a balance between quality, cost, and delivery have been a significant challenge for Domino.  It is here where Shearline’s overall service, and dedicated account management, has played a vital role in maintaining a great working relationship, especially during challenging times such as the global disruptions caused by the COVID-19 pandemic.


“It feels like a collaboration, which it doesn’t with all suppliers. I enjoy working on the account and working through issues effectively with the team.”

Phil Pelling, Buyer at Domino Printing Sciences

For over 25 years, Shearline has worked closely with Domino, ensuring that their printers operate at peak performance, underlining the critical role quality plays in their service.  The partnership between Domino and Shearline has been characterised by effective communication and on time resolution of any issues that occur.

The results speak for themselves, thanks to years of receiving high-quality components and support from Shearline, Domino has consistently delivered exceptional products to their customers.

Overall, the combined nature of the relationship with Shearline stands out as a key positive for Domino.  Unlike with other suppliers, working with Shearline feels like a true collaboration, fostering effective problem-solving and success.