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CNC Punching v. Laser Cutting

How do you determine whether a piece of sheet metal should be laser cut or punched?

At Shearline, our experienced sheet metal engineers will make the decision based on the drawing specification, lead time and cost expectations. Of course, if you have a preference, let us know and we will take this on board when quoting the job.

CNC Punching Advantages & Disadvantages

Advantages Disadvantages
Punching can be more efficient when there are multiple holes of a regular shape Punching is not best suited for complex shapes
Punching is well suited to medium and large production runs Punching can only process thinner materials, up to 3mm

Laser Cutting Advantages & Disadvantages

Advantages Disadvantages
Laser cutting can process thicker materials, up to 10mm Laser cutting can be slower if the part being cut has lots of uniform sized holes
Laser cutting tends to be more efficient especially when the holes are irregular shapes Laser cutting may be less cost effective over long production runs – however this is dependent on the shape and thickness of the part to be cut

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Laser Cutting

Did you know Hybrid Laser Tech (part of The Shearline Group) specialises in the laser cutting of ceramic and other exotic materials?