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Mastering Precision: Dispelling Myths in High Precision Manufacturing

At The Shearline Group, we pride ourselves on pushing the boundaries of manufacturing precision. As leaders in the industry, we understand that misconceptions can sometimes cloud the perception of what high precision manufacturing truly entails. In this blog post, we dispel common myths and provide clarity on the capabilities of our precision manufacturing processes.

Myth 1: Precision Equals Unparalleled Quality Every Time

There’s a widespread misconception that high precision manufacturing ensures flawless products consistently across the industry. However, at Shearline, we go beyond precision; we redefine it with an unwavering commitment to unparalleled quality – not something you will see in manufacturing centres. Operating at aerospace standards AS9100, we make quality the focal point of every operation. Achieving absolute perfection in every product is a formidable task, but people choose Shearline for more than just precision; they choose us for the guaranteed, unmatched high quality that sets us apart as leaders in the industry.

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Myth 2: High Precision Equals Slow Production

Contrary to the misconception that precision slows down production, our advanced manufacturing technologies prioritise both accuracy and efficiency. Through the integration of cutting-edge CNC machining, automated systems, and highly experienced planners, we ensure that our precision processes deliver not only accuracy but also timely results.

Myth 3: Precision Manufacturing Is Only for High-Value Industries

While precision manufacturing has traditionally been associated with high-value industries like aerospace and medical, you would be surprised at the wide range of industries we service. A project we all enjoyed working on recently was to supply a customer with parts for a revolutionary beer dispensing system. It isn’t all high-grade medical equipment and aerospace as you might think, although there is plenty of that too!


Myth 4: Precision Manufacturing Is Exorbitantly Expensive

Cost concerns often arise when discussing high precision manufacturing. At The Shearline Group, we understand the importance of cost-effectiveness. Our commitment to leveraging state-of-the-art technologies and optimising manufacturing efficiencies ensures that the initial investment is reasonable. While you might expect to pay more in comparison to off shore manufacturers, choosing a manufacturing partner with such high-quality standards always pays for itself in the long-term.

Myth 5: All Precision Machining Processes Are the Same

Recognising the diversity of precision machining processes is crucial for optimal results. At Shearline we offer a spectrum of precision solutions, including CNC machining, fabrication, laser cutting, and more. Each method is tailored to meet specific project requirements, showcasing our commitment to delivering customised, high-quality solutions.


Precision manufacturing at The Shearline Group represents a commitment to excellence and innovation. By dispelling common myths, we aim to foster a realistic understanding of our precision capabilities, ensuring that our customers approach our services with confidence. Our relentless pursuit of precision is a testament to our dedication to elevating product quality and reliability across various industries.

To discover the precision advantage of working with us, get in touch today and we will happily discuss how we can support the success of your project.