When a total manufacturing solution is required, Shearline has the facilities, processes knowledge and experience to supply individual components or complex electromechanical assemblies.

A simple concept design can be turned into reality using the highly skilled engineering staff available. A project manager will be tasked with managing the project through its various stages of development. Component drawings will be developed using the latest CAD software and manufacturing drawings produced to support CAM files used to machine the materials. A prototype will be produced to prove the concept design and allow a review before the design for manufacture process takes place.

Before production begins all supporting supply chains are organised. All tooling, jogs, fixtures, specialist measuring and test equipment is designed and manufactured. In-house processes can and are developed to suit a given requirement for a particular project.

Assembly areas are partitioned and developed to ensure smooth running of the programme. When the programme is completed the assembly area is decommissioned and the area given over to the next project.

We operate the highest quality standards at all times and are familiar with concepts and techniques for improving productivity. An example of this is the Kaizen process which is aimed at increasing value-added processes and eliminating waste by providing an environment to perfect and simply the processes. We use Kanban systems when required to supply JIT schedules.

Project Management

  • Experienced project managers take responsibility for each project to ensure that special requirements are accommodated and timely delivery achieved.

Rapid Manufacture

  • Prototyping
  • Rapid small batch production
  • Haas machining centres including 5th axis machine

Machine shop

  • 5th axis machining
  • CNC milling, turning, boring
  • Tool making (jigs and fixtures)
  • Grinding (surface)


  • Precision machined fabrication
  • Sheet metal cutting, punching, Pressing, drilling, folding, rolling and studding
  • Laser cutting
  • Coded welding (TIG, MIG and spot welding)


  • Electromechanical assembly and test
  • Electrical loom harness and prototype PCB assembly
  • Vacuum brazing


  • Bead blasting (Aqua, Sand and grit), graining and polishing
  • Painting
  • Screen printing of graphics, legend and electrical circuits
  • Specialist cleaning and abrading

Laser processing and micromachining

  • Laser cutting (11 machines) of ceramics, plastics, metals and composites
  • Laser scribing, drilling, engraving, profiling
  • Knowledge of high purity ceramic substrates

Quality control

  • Product, material testing and certification
  • Inspection and manual measurement
  • CMM measuring including large table machine (1.2m x 2m x 1m)
  • Process capability analysis and survey reporting