Prototype Development and Manufacture

Prototyping can be used to test market acceptance of different designs of a product or to refine the production process prior to scale up and manufacture.

Shearline offers the benefit of being able to do both the specialist prototyping and the manufacture. This may be in-house on its own equipment or by managing the outsourcing of this activity on behalf of the client.

During the prototyping process Shearline engineers evaluate the technical drawings and test them. Any issues in the details of the product design can then be identified and changes proposed immediately, shortening the development times. This can provide considerable cost savings as it ensures that the designs are checked at an early stage before the process is scaled up for full production.

Working closely with the client’s design team ensures that all the design developments are well documented. This can also rationalise the quoting process for the later stages of the work.

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  • Fast track prototype manufacture
  • Small batch manufacture